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The Blackboard Way

Welcome to a Better Way.

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General Liability

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Workers Comp

We Innovate. We Listen. We Adapt.

At Blackboard Insurance, we’re evolving the way you experience the entire ecosystem of insurance coverage. From how our underwriters evaluate, analyze and mitigate risks to the way our adjusters and team process claims, our way is innovative, adaptive and responsive to the way you do business now.

It’s time for evolutionary thinking to meet the demands of your business. It’s time for a revolutionary way to transform the customer experience. It’s time for The Blackboard Way.

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Talent. Expertise. Technology.

The way we work: The Blackboard Way.

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People Powered
By Technology

Our data-centric platform allows our team to deliver greater efficiencies at lower costs. We are more responsive, consistent, transparent and accurate, making it easy to do business with us.

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We Collaborate
We Connect

Our people, systems, data and processes are all connected to make every interaction flow more smoothly. We work together as one team to anticipate needs, provide risk management consulting and support ongoing business growth.

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Holistic Coverage

Our services were created with you in mind. We give you what you need when you need it. Gaps in coverage, information roadblocks and unnecessary delays are a thing of the past.

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Deep Industry

Our collaborative, seasoned teams have nuanced knowledge of your industries. We deliver customized coverage and forms, and creative problem-solving to meet your ever-changing business needs.


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A better future for
your business. Now.

You asked for greater clarity and consistency, a better way to understand risks and manage costs. We help you relax a bit — so you can focus on running and growing your business. Now, there’s a better way. The Blackboard Way.