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Our Journey

True Innovation
Doesn’t Happen Overnight.

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We knew that revolutionizing the insurance experience would take time, focus and a huge commitment. The investment was big, but our vision was far greater. In 2017, we started with a clean slate to innovate our industry.

And we’re just getting started.

Journey Events List

May 2017

Hamilton USA is acquired in principle as part of a long-term vision of transforming the commercial insurance experience.

July 2017

New startup created with a mission to build the next-generation insurance platform, harnessing technology, data and insights to focus on customers’ needs.

October 2017

The Blackboard Insurance brand name is announced as a bold, new vision for the future of insurance.

December 2017

Reached first technology milestone, proving capabilities for instant rating of complex risks.

January 2018

Our team comes together under one roof at 120 Broadway in New York, to create a new culture of talent, empowered by data and technology.

February 2018

First journey map of the customer and broker experience developed.

March 2018

Decision made to build our own engine for submission documents based on extensive market research.

April 2018

Broker feedback workshops provide ongoing learning and insights about current industry pain points.

August 2018

Received our first commercial package approval from Minnesota.

December 2018

Initial launch of commercial package in eight states and in two industries.

January 2019

Expanded our network of broker relationships and entered the marketplace.

February 2019

First policy bound, documents issued instantaneously, providing contract certainty on day one.

March 2019

500 Days of Blackboard Celebration: We’re off and running.

June 2019

Our technology platform goes live in Illinois.

August 2019

Retail, Wholesale and Services Coverage added to offerings, as well as 13 more states.

October 2019

Blackboard technology platform is live in 26 states.

November 2019

Umbrella Coverage goes live on Blackboard technology platform.

December 2019

Blackboard technology platform is live in 46 states.

February 2020

Blackboard technology platform is live in Virginia.

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We’re on a journey to revolutionize the way you experience insurance.

We’re off and running. Working to grow with you.
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