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Our Team

Market Gurus. Innovators.

Team members list with names, positions, photos and biographies

At Blackboard, we share the conviction that the middle market is ready for transformation. That’s why the nine core members of our strategy team bring extraordinary industry depth. 190 years of commercial insurance experience. 130 years of management experience across all the leading commercial insurers.

Meet Seraina
Seraina Macia, Blackboard Insurance

Seraina Macia

Chief Executive Officer
Meet John
John Mizzi

John (Mizzi) Mizzi

Head of Growth and Underwriting
Meet Uwe
Uwe Schoberth

Uwe Schoberth

Head of Distribution
Meet Mike
Michael (Mike) Garceau

Michael (Mike) Garceau

Chief Operating Officer
Meet Keith
Keith Wagner

Keith Wagner

General Counsel
Meet Callie
Callie Thomas

Callie Thomas

Chief Administrative Officer
Meet Ed M
Edward (Ed M.) McGough

Edward (Ed M) McGough

Chief Technology Officer
Meet Ed P
Eduard (Ed P.) Pulkstenis

Eduard (Ed P) Pulkstenis

Head of Machine Augmented Solutions
Meet Stephan
Stephan Braig

Stephan Braig

Head of Research and Development

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