We recently partnered with Insurance Insider to host a webinar on the future of underwriting. At a time when planning for the known – and, perhaps more importantly, the unknown — is more crucial than ever, effective underwriting requires a multi-disciplinary approach to risk that integrates data-driven and human capital. This combination provides greater insights, drives decision-making and optimize business outcomes — especially for the middle market.

On the webinar, we discussed:

  • How carriers and brokers can leverage the power of data to improve underwriting in commercial insurance;
  • How data-driven analytics is improving risk selection;
  • How data science has enhanced the underwriting process;
  • The main challenges when looking to implement a faster, more efficient and more streamlined underwriting process; and
  • How important culture and collaboration both are when aiming to in achieve underwriting excellence.

Rob Danneman, underwriter at Blackboard, and Madeleine Lopeman, PhD, Data Scientist at Blackboard, were joined by Paul Connor, Area Vice President of Market Relations at Gallagher.