There's always a better way to do business

Hello, we’re
Blackboard Insurance

At Blackboard we’re reimagining the entire commercial insurance experience. By erasing inefficiencies and old technologies wherever we find them, we’re creating an insurance company that’s obsessed with helping you move faster, do more business, and reinvest for growth.

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Blackboard is serious about reimagining commercial insurance. And that’s why we’re also reimagining what it means to work for an insurance company.

We’re building a company where success is defined by smarts and speed, not by seniority and structure. Where we work collaboratively in dynamic, cross-functional teams rather than in silos. And where we are inspired by a common goal every day – to build a better way.

This type of environment isn’t for everybody. But if it sounds like it’s right for you, then let us know why you’re right for one of the open positions below.

Open Positions